3 Advantages of Installing a Home Lighting Systems

Posted on: May 22, 2019

How many lights do you switch off before you go to bed?

A home lighting system will bring convenience and cost savings into your home. If you are getting a little tired of the nightly ritual of going around the house and turning off all the lights, then consider getting an automated home lighting system.

It can also become a part of your home’s interior design or security system. There are lots of upsides of having a home lighting system.

What can a home lighting system do for you?

Modernizing the way the lights work inside the home gives more convenience and control to homeowners. Here are some of the added advantages of having a smart home lighting system:

  1. Motion sensing lights eliminate the use of switches to turn on the lights. Which means that a room is only lit when someone enters it. By keeping the lights off in empty rooms, motion sensing lights save money. They also reduce energy consumption, which is good for the planet.
  2. A home lighting system can become part of the home security system. A pile of newspapers at the front door alerts burglars to the fact that nobody is home. So does a house that remains dark when the lights should be on. With a smart lighting system, the home would light up just in time for dinner. And just in case a burglar tries to break in, the security system will trigger the alarm and outdoor floodlights to scare away the criminals.
  3. For interior design aficionados, a home lighting system is the best way to show off the beauty and architecture of a home, especially at night. When entertaining, a homeowner can create the perfect atmosphere by using a home lighting system in the following ways:
    • Layered lighting allows a person to prepare a meal with soft lighting that gives the kitchen a romantic ambiance, and workspace lights that illuminate the counters, sink and cooking area
    • Accent lighting draws attention to beautiful art by using mood lighting to dim a room and stark light to shine a spotlight on the art
    • Wall washing is the practice of illuminating a wall with light. Having recessed lights at the base of a wall shows off the brickwork or detailed paintwork of the wall. The lights are also a great way to accentuate the beauty of bay windows at night

Start the installation process with a site survey

Get in touch with a reputable installation company and let them know the purpose of the lighting system (security, energy savings or aesthetics). The company will send a technician over to the home.

The installation technician will do a survey of the house, taking into account the existing wiring and the homeowner’s goals. Using the survey and the client’s input, the technician will come up with a design that will fit the client’s needs. The design will take the following considerations into account:

  • The size of the home and the rooms in it, as well as the purpose of each room: This information will be used to split the house into zones, where each zone is controlled by a common panel
  • The number and positioning of light fixtures and light switches in each space: This information is important if the lighting system is supposed to complement the décor
  • How the existing electrical wiring runs: This will be useful because the lighting system will likely require additions or adjustment to the existing wiring
  • Integration: These days, lighting systems are integrated with solar panels, security systems and smart home systems. The technician will design a lighting system that will be able to communicate and work with existing systems

Get an estimate today

Have a qualified technician give you a quote based on a physical survey of your home. Once you and the technician agree on the design of the system, you can get started with the actual installation.

Ready to improve your lighting system?

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