3 Considerations When Planning for Parking Lot Lighting

If you are currently using mercury vapor lights from the 60s and 70s, it may be time to re-evaluate your parking lot lighting. Those who had lights installed in the 80s or 90s may find that their lighting solutions are outdated in comparison to the options on the market today. We can come out and conduct an audit of the current lighting and the cost associated with operating them, presenting alternative options so that they can be compared side-by-side.

There are several things to consider when it comes to parking lot lighting, including:

1. Lighting color

Low sodium lighting gives off an orange hue, while high sodium lighting can be bright white. These are just two examples of how there are different options when it comes to the lighting color itself. Since there are options, property owners must decide how they want their lighting to look.

2. Energy usage

The type of lighting is going to influence how much energy is used to light the parking lot on a nightly basis. Anyone who has mercury vapor lights, for example, may find that they can save a significant amount of money by upgrading them. Even though there is an initial capital investment involved with replacing the lights, by reducing the operating cost over the long-term, new lights will typically pay for themselves. We can provide more information on how much could possibly be saved after evaluating the current lighting and doing a review of monthly utility bills. This can help our clients to create a cost-benefit analysis in regards to replacing the parking lot lights.

3. Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, lighting can either enhance or take away from the appearance of a particular property. Unfortunately, this is typically the last thing that someone thinks of. However, lighting can make a property appear very high-end because it is rare to find parking lot lighting that is also aesthetically pleasing. Lighting can also be used to create a sense of historic charm, for example. We can discuss design options and make suggestions for how to implement more high-end design features.

Safety matters

It is also important to point out how important lighting is for ensuring the safety of customers. If people are visiting your store, organization or the property you manage - is the lighting sufficient for promoting a safe environment? For example, many parking lots only have lighting near the building, leaving rear parking stalls in the dark or poorly lit. This can create an uncomfortable situation for customers who have to park there. Conduct a lighting audit at night to determine if there are any dark spaces. We can install additional lighting to prevent them.

Learn more about the available options

We encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about the options for parking lot lighting or anyone who has been actively considering replacing their lighting to contact us to get ideas, find out how much they could save by installing more energy-efficient lighting and to review design suggestions.

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