7 Housing Tips from an Electrician

Sometimes, you could get lost wondering what an official electrician opinion would be about your entertainment centers, microwaves, dishwashers and plenty of other devices that you pay little attention to yet use regularly. However, your house’s electrical layout may also have activities going on that might affect you. This article will enlighten you on important safety tips that you should know as a homeowner and may help you detect harmful electrical issues that need to be repaired by a licensed home electrician.

Electrician-recommended safety

Perform routine inspections of your home

For the purpose of electrical safety, you need to know the situation of your home and perform a yearly electrical safety inspection. Older homes were not designed to carry the electrical burden of our modern lives. It is important to ensure that the electrical system in your home has been upgraded to withstand the entire electrical current used by your family safely.

Be aware of your electric panel

As recently as the 1990s, many new homes were fixed with defective electrical panels. Specific brands such as ITE Pushmatic, Zinsco, Federal Pacific and GTE/Sylvania are no longer in production and are a potential risk that may cause a fire. Your electrical panel should always be touchable and never too hot.

Know the circuit breakers

These are helpful, although their interference when they trip can be irritating to you. They are trying to notify you of something, and it is often that you have connected too many devices or gadgets to a single circuit. Switch out the appliances, and if the breakers do not stop tripping, seek help from a professional electrician.

Keep your fire extinguisher around

The safest way to extinguish an electrical fire is using a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher. Avoid using water because it conducts electricity. Always keep fire extinguishers handy at every level of your house and learn how to use them and when to buy a new one.

Touch the outlets

Touch the outlets in your home; if they feel warm or hot, something is wrong. A warm outlet could indicate the threat of a harmful situation. Maybe the electrical load on the circuit is too much, a cable is melting, the wiring is not up to code or it is loose. Check if the outlets fail to hold plugs or if the outlet itself has detached a bit from the wall.

Buy the latest grounded three-pronged outlets to replace the two-pronged outlets. Every outlet near water should be substituted with code-correct GFCI outlets. A professional electrical can handle these tasks.

Monitor the lights

Flickering lights may indicate the need to repair or replace your electrical panel, or you may have plugged too many devices into a single circuit. Pay attention to this.

Ground older devices

Older devices without grounding may put you at risk of electrical shock. Replace the two-pronged plugs of all these devices with three-pronged plugs.

Final note

Electrical work is normally dangerous. Professional electricians go through years of training and practical experience to get a state license to practice. Be cautious when attempting to fix an electrical issue on your own. To be sure all the electrical components of your home are safe, working properly and up to code, hire a reputable electrician to do the job.

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