Change Your Workspace with Commercial Lighting


Commercial lighting makes a big difference when it comes to creating an upbeat environment where workers feel as productive as possible. Many businesses never put a second thought toward their lighting solutions and how they may or may not be impacting their employees' moods, abilities to work and abilities to focus. Unfortunately, not thinking about lighting can lead to a loss of productivity if employees are unable to feel energized or even see clearly in their work environment.

Things to consider about lighting your workspace

1. Natural light is best

Whenever possible, give employees access to natural light through windows and skylights. This can be difficult in an office environment where only specific offices have access to outside windows. Some businesses are changing the way that they configure their office space so that all employees have greater access to natural light, even if they are not next to a window. Tearing down cubicle walls and having desks exposed in an open environment is one way to create natural light, and using plexiglass or glass walls is another way.

2. Make sure that each workspace is well-lit

Having giant overhead lights is not always sufficient for providing workers with the lighting they need to clearly see what they are working on. We recommend providing employees with individual lights that they can control based on their needs.

3. Consider an alternative to fluorescent

Fluorescent bulbs tend to be harsh, so consider alternative lightbulbs that will create more of a natural glow. As commercial lighting pros, we are happy to discuss these alternatives and help to identify the best types of lighting for particular spaces.

4. Install motion sensor lighting

As a commercial lighting expert, we find that many businesses are adding motion sensors as a way to ensure that the right areas are lit when they need to be and that they are not wasting money lighting areas of the building when no one is there working. This simple solution can save a significant amount of money on an annual basis by reducing the cost to light a building.

5. Consider aesthetically pleasing options

We invite businesses to consider commercial lighting solutions that are more aesthetically pleasing than the big box overhead lights. When working to create an atmosphere that stimulates creativity and helps workers want to give their all, it is wise to design an aesthetically pleasing environment by renovating the space and adding warm and visually appealing commercial lighting.

Changing commercial lighting and saving money

Of course, as with any big improvement, there is bound to be an initial up-front investment, and lighting is no exception. However, when the right choices are made, this cost can be offset in the long run. For example, choosing to use LED lights that are energy-efficient can reduce the annual cost to light the space. Likewise, using motion sensors can also reduce the cost of lighting the space. Property owners should begin to save money after their initial investment has been repaid, as these types of improvements can reduce the electric bill for years to come.

Learn more about your options

If you are interested in changing or improving the commercial lighting in your building, call and schedule an appointment with our experts. We will be happy to stop by, provide recommendations and answer any questions you may have.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Exceptional Electric, request an appointment in our Kirkwood office here: Or call us at (636) 237-8435.

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