Consult a Commercial Electrician Before Renovating Your Office


When renovating or reconfiguring your office space, you will be grateful for the expertise of a commercial electrician. Perhaps your business is moving, expanding or needing to create additional workspaces within your existing building or unit. The electrical components are key to a successful renovation, so make sure you hire a commercial electrician to do the job right.

Reconfiguring the existing space can sometimes be the most economical and fastest way to upgrade the office. For example, one of our customers decided to turn individual office spaces into cubicles and an open work environment. Just by tearing down walls, it is possible to double the number of workers in a single space.

Speak with a commercial electrician during the planning phase

These projects require a great deal of planning to avoid disruption or a loss of productivity in the workplace. In many cases, our customers will do their best to make the changes in stages or over the weekend so that workers can continue helping customers, rather than being unproductive due to a work area under construction.

To achieve this goal, it is critical to take the time to speak with all contractors, including commercial electricians, about the project to get everyone on the same page about when each stage of the work will be performed. We recommend bringing everyone to the table several months before the project begins. It will help to coordinate everyone's schedule to ensure the project can be done quickly and efficiently.

We also tackle last-minute jobs

We know that the demands of business sometimes occur suddenly, and it may not be possible to plan months in advance. For example, if a business is awarded a new contract, it may need to ramp up and expand the team within 45 days. In this case, it is important to find a commercial electrician who can come out and get the job done quickly. We can provide this service, and are happy to take on last-minute projects as well as projects planned well in advance.

Why a commercial electrician is critical to these projects

While the obvious changes to the building may involve tearing down walls, the less-obvious changes include reconfiguring the electrical outlets and the electrical capacity. It is critical that a commercial electrician is involved in this process.

Just think about how many outlets each worker needs and how many things must be plugged into each workspace. For example:

  • Office phone
  • Computer
  • Cell phone
  • Other pieces of equipment
  • Shared printers and other large machines

If there are not enough outlets or they are in the wrong locations, this makes it difficult for employees to do their work efficiently. It can also lead to wires spread across their workspaces, creating a safety hazard.

Additionally, when a business expands and hires additional workers, it puts a greater demand on the existing electrical panel. It may not be up for the task. Hiring a commercial electrician to inspect it is a wise investment. Otherwise, you could be facing future issues with electrical shortages, further disrupting productivity and workflow. This concern is especially relevant in older buildings.

Make sure the capacity supports equipment

Businesses that use larger pieces of equipment in their operations need to be especially careful when expanding because the equipment will put a significant demand on the building's electrical system. In some cases, adding just one additional machine can push the system over capacity. As commercial electricians, we can come out, make sure the system is up to the task at hand and make any necessary upgrades.

The bottom line: Expanding businesses need to contact a commercial electrician to get the job done right.

Call us

If your business is expanding – congratulations. This is an exciting time and we are here to ensure that, regardless of what your expansion entails, your electrical system is up for the task.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Exceptional Electric, request an appointment in our Kirkwood office here: Or call us at (636) 237-8435.

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