Electrician Tips: Replacing Residential Lighting and Bulbs

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An electrician is a good person to consult for home lighting projects. This professional can help even with seemingly routine matters such as selecting the right bulb or knowing how to put up a new fixture. Before you get too involved in this work yourself, talk to an electrician about what makes sense in your house. This can help you get the result you want without putting yourself at risk.

What a home lighting system can do

Some homeowners may disregard the role that lights can play in the house. These can do far more than make it possible to see when it is dark. An attractive lighting display or configuration can open up a room or call attention to a certain space in the home. High-quality fixtures or styles stand out and create a pleasant ambiance that people can enjoy. Choosing the correct bulbs will also help ensure that the lights work properly and do not cause electrical problems.

Turn off the power

Any electrician knows that cutting the power is a vital step before a homeowner replaces a light fixture or installs a new ceiling fan. The person should locate the breaker box in the house and find the appropriate circuit powering the light in question. It is not enough to flip the light switch off. Shock or electrocution can still occur when touching electrical wires.

Have the right tools handy

A simple lightbulb change will not need the help of an electrician or any other tools. Aside from wearing gloves to protect against a hot bulb, the person will only need to secure a ladder or step stool (if necessary) for this job. When it comes to changing the fixture or repairing disconnected wires, the person will need a little more. Needle-nose pliers, a screwdriver and electrical tape will help this task go well. Look at the installation instructions for further information about what is required.

Use the right wattage

Light fixtures and ceiling fans should indicate the maximum wattage allowed for the unit. Never place 100-watt bulbs where only 40 watts are needed. This can lead to dangerous situations such as fires. It is fine to use a lower-watt bulb, but do not exceed the guidelines.

Hire an electrician when in doubt

Many homeowners have the skills to remove and replace lighting systems. However, people who are not sure how to do the work should consult a professional. It is not worth the risk of getting electrocuted or starting an electrical fire for the individual to do the task alone. An electrician can help with projects of any size. This will put the homeowner at ease that everything was done correctly.

Enjoy the new look of your home

Proper lighting can do wonders in a home. If you are tired of living in a dark home with little character, work with an electrician to revamp the lighting system. Before you get too far in the process, understand these important elements and do the project right the first time. Do not hesitate to call a professional.

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