How Many Electrical Outlets Do You Need in Your Home?

While many who opt for constructing their home instead of buying one consult directly with designers, contractors and experienced builders, it is likely they will overlook some details. Certain things are only discovered after moving into the new place, and then they will understand why they should have actively participated in the planning, especially the electrical outlets.

To prevent having to use messy extension cables and power boxes, you need to deliberate on the location of electrical outlets for accessing electricity in the home. Here is how to decide the number of electrical outlets for your home:

For the kitchen

The government has regulations regarding the minimum number and location of electrical outlets in the house. However, this does not stop you from adding as many plugs as permissible by your electrical service box. The kitchen is home to many electric devices of different sizes and an excellent place to start planning.

Plan the outlets to ensure space for beaters, mixers and other similar electrical gadgets. Think of where you would want to place microwaves and refrigerators, and put higher amperage sockets there. You should plan to put outlets beneath cabinets for soft LED lights that consume insignificant power for all-night use.

The living room

Nowadays, almost everyone has at least one device that requires regular charging; therefore, plan to place electric outlets in every corner and at each wall center. If you intend to place a flat screen TV on the wall, place a socket behind it to keep the cables hidden. If you want a display coffee table, you should consider putting an in-floor plug in the middle of the living room.

If Christmas decorations are something you would consider, anticipate where the tree would be and plug in a switch at a comfortable position. Ensure that you make convenience the paramount factor when planning electrical outlets for your new house.


After deciding where the bed will be, position the outlet where the nightstand will stay, usually two feet higher than the baseboard to keep the cables hidden. Consider your walk-in closet or dressing room; put an outlet where you would want your vanity.


The electrician will be learned enough to use only GFI-rated plugs around water, but consider the location. Put the sockets where the appliances are used. It is inconvenient and dangerous to stretch cords over sinks.

Family room

For the family, the primary consideration is charging docks, but you should have an outlet close the entrance in case of lighted bar signs. If there is a fireplace, put sockets on each side of the mantel if you may need to use a lighted sculpture or clock.


It is easy to forget the garage when planning electrical outlets. Aside from the plug for the garage door opener, position outlets on the wall close to where your workbench will be. Keep the sockets far from the hot water heater, and consider putting them around six feet to the garage base so you can use air compressors and other electric tools.

Plan ahead

Have your electrician give you an electrical service box with a minimum of six empty spots for future purposes. This will keep you covered in case you miss out anything.

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