Reasons to Consider a Solar Panel Installation

A solar panel installation can start saving you money from day one. With summer on the brink, the cost of keeping the air conditioning system in use can run up electric bills drastically. Additional water use during the hotter months keeps the water pump working and may also increase the power bill.

An easy way to cut these bills and to maintain a lower electric bill is by installing solar panels to supplement costs. Improved energy costs is a win for everyone, but it is not the only benefit of having solar panels.

How it works

Solar panels draw in sunlight and convert the natural energy of the sun into electricity. The solar cells receive wavelengths of solar radiation and create electricity. Solar panels draw in sunlight and create the most energy during sunny days, but they can also harness solar energy during cloudy days.

Some people worry that solar power only works during the day, but this is incorrect. Solar energy can power a house 24 hours a day if it receives adequate sunlight every day.

The benefits of a solar panel installation

The use of solar panels is inexpensive and beneficial to home value. After paying the initial cost of installation and placing the photovoltaic panels on or near your home, the solar power is basically free energy. Maintenance for solar panels is minimal and most come with a 25-year warranty.

The majority of homeowners who install solar panels break even on installation versus electricity savings by five to eight years. Most homeowners see a resale value increase of over $5,000 per kilowatt installed. Essentially, no matter how many solar panels installed, some home value increase will take place. In addition to these savings, in most states, solar panels are exempt from property taxes.

Earning tax credits is possible

In most cases, panel owners will receive 30 percent of total system costs back from equipment and installation when filing taxes. This is a federal income tax credit. In other words, most users will receive a third of the cost of the installation back in the form of a tax credit. Some states also offer rebates and Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

Solar energy is good for the planet

Solar power is an eco-friendly, sustainable and pollution-free source of energy. Solar power reduces CO2 carbon dioxide emission and improves the air quality for future generations, reducing the negative effects of pollution on the environment. It may also decrease global warming.

Call to learn more

With all of these benefits and more, learning more about solar energy can only be beneficial. After making the decision to go solar, it takes some research to determine how many panels a home will need based on square footage and average electric use.

Schedule an appointment with our office today to learn more about what solar panel options are right for your family and other ways it can save you money in the long run. A solar panel installation will benefit your family, your wallet and the environment for years to come.

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