Residential Electrical Wiring: 5 Warning Signs

Posted on: October 26, 2018

Do you know the warning signs of faulty electrical wiring? Catching these dangerous items early will let you know if your system needs to be upgraded or replaced. When your electrical system is not up to par, there is a possibility that it could start an electrical fire. That is the last thing you want to happen in your home. There are thousands of electrical related fires that occur every year, of which many could have been prevented by performing regular checks on the home’s electrical wiring system.

About residential electrical wiring

When it comes to residential electrical wiring, many codes and requirements serve to ensure that the wiring is installed safely. It takes a professional electrical contractor years of education and training before earning their certification. For this reason, every homeowner should use the services of a licensed electrician instead of trying to make modifications on their own. Often, when homeowners decide to make changes to their homes electrical wiring system, they will make many mistakes that violate electrical safety codes.

Some common warning signs

The following are five warning signs you that hint at faulty electrical wiring in a home.

Dim or flickering lights

This often happens because another appliance is using a great deal of electricity. If your lights cut out when turning on the dishwasher or oven, then it is a definite sign that your electrical system may need an upgrade. This occurrence is quite common in older homes.

Strong odor

Look out for the smell plastic burning or other unusual odors that seem to be coming directly from an outlet. If something is burning up inside your walls, the problem can quickly spread throughout the house. Turn off the power and call an electrician immediately.


Any sparking that comes from a circuit breaker, a fuse box or an outlet needs the immediate attention of an electrician. Not only is fire a possibility, but a damaged outlet can shock children as well.


Loose wires often cause hot outlets. Outdated electrical systems wear down over time, causing some wires to detach and malfunction.


Buzzing sounds can be a sign of a broken appliance or incorrect wiring. An appliance or outlet can catch fire if you ignore the noises. Cut the power and call an electrician to address the issue.

Does your home have any of these issues?

Are you currently experiencing any of the electrical wiring warning signs listed above? If you are, then you need to find out what your solutions are as soon as possible. The last thing you want to happen is for your electrical wiring to start a fire, which can damage your home or harm your loved one.

We invite you to call us at your soonest convenience with any questions you may have related to your home’s electrical wiring. Our licensed professionals have the experience and knowledge to create a solution that matches your needs and eliminates potential hazards from your home.

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