Residential Lighting Options to Glam Up Your Space


Selecting the right residential lighting options can add a touch of glamour and sophistication to any space. While often forgotten, lighting is an ideal way to finish a space and turn it from ordinary to extraordinary. As lighting expert, we help clients choose the type of lighting that will provide the function they need but also look spectacular.

How to use lighting to glam up any space

1. Add some sparkle

Every room looks glamorous with a touch of sparkle. For example, a chandelier lighting fixture that uses crystals will instantly add sparkle to the room. With light illuminating it, the room can easily look like fairy dust has been sprinkled around the walls. This is especially true when reflected on walls with shimmering paint or wallpaper. 

2. Hang a chandelier in every room

Too often, homeowners will reserve a beautiful chandelier for just one spot in the home. They may be hanging at the entryway or above the dining table, for example. However, we recommend hanging one in every room. For example, a cute pink chandelier can be hung in a little girls' room. A small crystal one can be hung in the powder room, and a larger industrial piece can hang in the game room. Because they come in different sizes, colors and textures, it is possible to select the right chandelier for any space and use it to add a touch of glamour or style.

3. Go for black

Black wall sconces, chandeliers and lighting fixtures add a serious touch of sophistication. Black is not an automatic go-to for people when choosing residential lighting options, but we find that they add a touch of sophistication to any space. If the black paint is in a satin or silky finish, it can look luxurious. 

4. Use dimmers

Bright lights are typically not associated with glamour. It is important to get the right level of lighting, and dimmer switches are an excellent way to achieve that. We can install dimmer switches in each room at the same time we are installing new lights. This simple switch can change the feel of a space. 

5. Purchase custom lighting solutions

Light fixtures are often made by artisans who produce one-of-a-kind pieces. They can be showstoppers just like a stunning painting or sculpture would be. Anyone who wants to add glamour to their home should consider speaking with an artisan to have a custom piece created. We can install it in the right location to ensure that the home's lighting can be a piece of art, rather than something purely functional. It will also become a conversation piece for parties and gatherings.

Learn more about residential lighting options

If you are ready to glam up your space, call us to learn more about how lighting can help accomplish that goal. We can make recommendations and install everything so it is done correctly and will look spectacular. We can also work with an interior designer, if you have one.

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