Signs That it is Time to Update Your Parking Lot Lighting

Posted on: March 13, 2019

Parking lot lighting is a major aspect of any business that offers parking. Customers want to feel safe when they use your parking lot, especially when it is dark out. This means that the quality of parking lot lighting will determine whether or not your business will get customer traffic after it gets dark out.

Common reasons to improve parking lot lighting

If you are thinking of changing the lights in your parking lot, it is probably because you have noticed some drawbacks in your present lighting system. For example:

1. Uneven lighting

Many parking lots have sections that are very well lit and other sections that are pitch dark. The problem could be a result of insufficient lighting or poor placement of lights. It could also be caused by low-wattage lights or old lights that are on their last legs.

Dark sections of a parking lot become unusable at night and discourage people from visiting the lot itself, and by extension, the businesses nearby. By reducing the number of usable parking slots, badly lit parking lots can lead to reduced revenues.

2. Constant repairs

If the parking lot lights keep failing one after the other, it is probably time for a change. Aging lights, especially fluorescent lights will run up a maintenance bill that will eat into the profits of any business.

A business owner who keeps repairing their lights should rip off the band-aid and overhaul their lighting system. In the end, the upgrade will be cheaper than the piecemeal solutions. It will pay for itself in the medium to long-term.

3. High utility bills

Thanks to innovations in lighting, a modern light fixture only consumes a fraction of the energy that older models use. If a business owner or manager notices that their electric bill keeps going up, they should think about getting lights that are more energy efficient.

Newer light fixtures also have allowances for automatic dimming and need-based lighting. These allowances ensure that the lights only switch on when they are needed, and not a moment before. It is a good way to reduce electricity bills.

4. Financial incentives from the power company

Many utility companies offer rebates to customers who use energy-efficient lighting. A business owner should take advantage of such an incentive when it is offered.

5. Electricians who want to upgrade the lighting

If representatives from electrical companies keep stopping by and pitching lighting upgrades, a business owner should pay attention. The electrician salesman has likely identified a real need, just by observing the lighting.

6. Complaints from customers and employees

A person should make changes if their customers and employees say that they do not feel safe using the parking lot when it is dark. If the complaints are accompanied by incidences of vandalism and other crime, then a business owner should remedy the lighting situation immediately.

Failure to do so will ultimately result in a loss of business.

There is no time like the present to improve your parking lot lighting

Installing a more effective, more energy efficient parking lot lighting system will take some spending. However, you will quickly recover the money through cost savings and happy clients. Contact us to learn more about ways to improve your parking lot lights.

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