Top 5 Reasons We are Called for an Electrical Repair

We can perform an electrical repair with very little notice. We recommend calling regardless of the issue because electrical problems can be a safety hazard and result in electrocution or fires. Failing to get a repair quickly could cause serious harm to your family. Instead, give us a call for help.

Here are the top five reasons people call us for an electrical repair

1. The wiring is too old

In older homes, there can be many problems caused by old electrical wiring. Consider how few things needed to be plugged in back in 1960. If the home was built then, it is highly unlikely that the wiring is up to modern standards for how many things require electricity on a daily basis. Plus, electrical codes are more stringent now because of what has been learned in regards to fire hazards and electrocution. This means that older homes are often more dangerous than new ones from an electrical perspective.

Anyone who is unsure if the wiring is old can simply remove an outlet or switch cover to see if the wiring appears to be frayed or corroded. Also if there are bits of black rubber in the box, it is a sign that the wiring is incredibly old and should be updated. Just do not touch the wiring since this can cause an electrical shock.

2. Getting an electrical shock

Turning on a light switch or using an electrical outlet should not cause a shock or tingling sensation. If it does, there may be too much demand on the circuit or there could be a more dangerous problem. There could even be aluminum wiring in the home, therefore, it is important for us to investigate and determine what is causing the shock.

3. The service panel is rusty

Once rust begins to appear near the main service panel, it is time to call an electrician immediately. If the panel and main wiring begin to deteriorate, it can threaten electricity to the entire house.

4. Lights are flickering and the outlets are unstable

If the lights are flickering on and off, this is a sign that there could be an electrical short that needs to be addressed. Doing so is important for ensuring that the home's capacity is not maxed.

5. Circuit breakers are constantly tripping

If the fuses are constantly blowing or the breaker tripping, it is because the system is overloaded. We need to come out and complete an inspection to determine what type of electrical repair will be required. This is actually a fairly common problem since so many things demand electricity and the demand being placed on most panels is significantly higher than what was anticipated when they were first installed.

We can also install more outlets

Another common problem that we can help to solve is the one where homeowners buy surge protectors and put them at every outlet because there simply are not enough to plug in all devices. It is unwise to take one outlet and try to plug eight things into it and repeat that all throughout the house. Instead, we suggest calling us for an electrical repair so we can install the number of outlets that are necessary to support a family's activities. This is a much wiser idea and one that will be safer and more aesthetically pleasing.

Call for help

We will be happy to provide the assistance that you require. Call today to schedule an appointment so that we can come out, determine what is needed in your home and then provide any necessary electrical repair.

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