What is the Process of an LED Lighting Repair?

Obtaining LED lighting repair is ideal when LED lighting is not working correctly. Having a professional come out to repair the issue can save money and prevent the need to replace much of a home or business’s lighting system. With the right repairs, lighting can get back to normal quickly.

First, hire a professional

Give us a call to hire a professional to complete the repair job. We know how to quickly assess the problem and the best ways to do the repair. We can also provide information on:

  • Our services
  • Experience
  • Our insurance, licensing, etc.
  • Replacement parts?
  • How the process works

The Steps

It is good to know what to expect and what the steps of LED lighting repair are when a professional is hired. When we visit a property, we will do the following:

Assessment of the lights

We will come out and give the necessary evaluation. This will require us to diagnose the issue.

Some of the things we will evaluate are:

  • The bulbs. Sometimes the bulbs just need to be replaced.
  • The housing components. If a part is loose or worn, it could be causing lighting problems.
  • If there is a short. If the wiring was done incorrectly, there could be a short that is causing the bulbs to blow.
  • The building’s electrical system. We will look to see if there is an actual problem with the main wiring, fuse box, etc.

A bid is prepared

Once the problem is discovered, we can offer a proper report on what needs to be done, what to expect and what the repair will cost. This is known as a bid with an estimate. It provides property owners with a way to tell if they want to move forward with the repairs.

LED lighting repairs provided

If a property owner chooses to move forward with the LED lighting repair, we can fix the issue right then and there, or come back at a later date. Depending on the repairs that are needed, we may have the replacement parts in our work van. In some cases, it may take longer to get the replacement parts, especially if they have to be special ordered for the LED lighting system.

Once the repairs are complete, the lighting should function without any further issues.

LED lighting repairs are important

Having the LED lights working again is essential for ensuring that a building is well-lit. Also, we understand that LED lighting is an investment. If it does not function properly, there is no return on that investment. This makes it even more important to hire a professional for the job.

LEDs are long-lasting, and with the right maintenance and care, they can last even longer. We encourage property owners who are having challenges with their LED lighting to contact us so that we can complete the necessary repairs right away.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with Exceptional Electric, request an appointment in our Kirkwood LED repair office here: http://www.exceptionalelectric.com. Or call us at (636) 237-8435.

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