Why You Should Have a Professional Ceiling Fan Installation Instead of DIY

Posted on: February 16, 2019

ceiling fan installation Kirkwood, MO

A ceiling fan installation is not an easy or advisable DIY project unless you are an electrician. Whether you are redecorating or simply need a bigger, more effective fan, you should get the professionals to put in your new fan. Installing a fan is a strenuous affair that will have you making awkward poses as you try to fasten the fan while keeping it from falling. There are many more reasons to get a skilled person to install your fan.

Benefits of professional fan installation

It is affordable

Because all the electrical wiring is already done, there is little chance that a ceiling fan installation will turn into a full-fledged electrical job. This means that it will cost the homeowner just a little bit of money to have the electrician come over and put in the new fan.

It will uphold fire safety

The wiring in the fan has to be done just right to avoid electrical arcing that can lead to an electrical fire.

It will ensure personal safety

Professional fan installers go through height and electrical safety training, which allows them to work with electricity and work at heights. On the other hand, a person who chooses to install their own ceiling fan will expose themselves to the following risks:

  • Electrocution, especially if they forget to turn off the power supply
  • Falling and injuring themselves
  • Dropping or otherwise damaging the fan, voiding the warranty
  • Hurting themselves with tools or the fan itself

While a professional is covered by workman's compensation, a homeowner might not be covered by their insurance if they are injured during the installation.

A professional will do it faster

A person who spends their days installing fan after fan could pretty much do a ceiling fan installation in their sleep. Barring complications, they will put in a fan in a matter of minutes. In contrast, a homeowner who decides to install the fan themselves will struggle to maintain their balance and hold up the fan and a tool at the same time, even with help. The homeowner can save themselves time and hassle by calling an electrician.

An electrician will know the exact kinds of fixtures to get

A DIY enthusiast may get the wrong type of ceiling box, but an electrician will not.

Peace of mind

After installing the fan themselves, a homeowner will always have lingering doubts at the back of their mind. They will avoid standing directly below the fan and will worry when they see other people do so. To keep themselves from wondering when the other shoe (or fan, in this case) will fall, a person should leave the installation to the professionals.

Call the professionals for ceiling fixtures

Chandeliers and ceiling fans make terrible DIY projects, so you should get yourself a fast, painless installation by calling the professionals. If you would rather avoid a ceiling fan DIY horror story, call us today for a quote.

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